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Idle Breakout


Idle Breakout is a captivating and entertaining game that combines the classic breakout gameplay with immersive and innovative features. The goal is simple: keep the balls in play as they collide with the bricks on the screen. However, the challenge increases as more balls are introduced into the game, making it harder to keep them in the play area.

Each brick in the game has a number indicating the number of times it must be struck by a ball to be removed. The objective is to ensure that the balls continually hit these bricks and clear each level.

In this game, new balls can be randomly added, and the more money you earn, the more balls you can add. The game can be played in short bursts or left running in the background, allowing you to progress even when you are not actively playing. It also includes upgrades for speed, power, and click speed to enhance your gameplay experience.

Idle Breakout Features:

• Idle gameplay
• Lots of strategy
• Numerous levels to play
• Tons of upgrades

Experience one of the most thrilling breakout games with an idle twist that offers strategic and fun gameplay. Try it out today!

Idle Breakout Gameplay