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Papa’s Pizzeria


Pappa’s Pizzeria is a game where you are doing your best to prepare the best pizza in town. You need to make sure that you create great pizza and also satisfy your clients at all times. The cool thing about Pappa’s Pizzeria is that you always get new orders and you need to create all kinds of pizza in order to win. Which is exciting, since you get to really push your limits and see how far you can go with stuff like this.

How to Play Pappa’s Pizzeria

Once you receive orders, you must prepare the dough, then you can add a topping and serve the pizza slices to your audience. The way you paly is easy, you just choose the ingredients and prepare your pizza.

This is a game everyone that loves pizza should play, because it’s quirky as it is fun and enjoyable. And that’s definitely the type of experience you want to try out. With that in mind, you will always find yourself challenged by the customer recipes and requirements. But that’s where the game gets fun too, because you are always on your toes trying to find something distinctive and enjoyable.


• Create the best pizza
• Take pizza orders and fulfill them
• Design all kinds of pizza types