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Description 2 is a game where you need to battle others in a quest to try and access as many territories as you can. Capturing the most territory is not going to be easy, because everyone tries to do all of that, and it can be incredibly challenging. But that’s where 2 comes into play with a unique gameplay approach.

In this game, you are using the paper block with the idea of stealing the area in question from an opponent. You always need to try and capture as much space as you can while also getting the highest score. In case you move outside of the current color you have, then the tail is exposed.

When the others catch your tail, you will end up losing the game. So yes, if you want to expand your colored area, you must take risks. Sometimes that can lead to game over, other times you will be able to expand and win. You can use the mouse or arrow keys to move, as the game is very easy to control. It really tests your strategic ideas and the benefits are always very exciting.


• Capture new territories and defeat enemies
• Take risks to expand and win, or you can lose
• Intense, engaging and fun gameplay 2 Gameplay